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"It was a work of art. It was better than that. It was a work of craft.” --Terry Pratchett "Reaper Man"


Embroidered necklaces by Lana Pelana on Etsy and Tumblr

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Embroidered panels, Chinese, embroidered silk, 19th century. 

These embroidered panels are a part of a large gift from the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York in 1949. 

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Some of the beautiful embroidery from the China exhibits.

That shading….

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#Antique #PersianInformal #Bibikabad #carpet from 1890.
Rug #21961
Size: 7’ 2” x 10’ 10”


#Antique #PersianInformal #Bibikabad #carpet from 1890.

Rug #21961

Size: 7’ 2” x 10’ 10”

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British three piece suit, 1775-1780. Floral pattern embroidery, made of silk and linen. 

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Textile Embroidered Art from Sophie Standing

Sophie Standing is an artist who lives in Kenya. According to her wonderful website: “Sophie’s textile embroidered art is inspired by the flora and fauna around her in Africa and combines this with her passion for fabrics and textiles. Her one off pieces are created by appliqueing an intricate collage of fabric onto the canvas where her image is already sketched out. She then draws the details over the top of the fabric with her sewing machine using many different coloured threads.”

And, my word. These are beautiful! So incredibly intricate. Like stitched paintings.


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